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Quick overview

Whether you call it God, The Father, Shiva, Allah, Pure Consciousness, etc., true Eternal Absolute Light is the same unbounded ocean of infinite Peace, Love, Bliss and Knowingness. Since Unbounded reiki taps into Light and since Light has infinite vibrational potential, there is no theoretical limit to the number of attunements students can receive to Unbounded reiki. You can receive those attunements long distance from the comfort of your home simply by joining the twice monthly Sharings of Light.

You can also join the Sharings of Light to just chill for 30 minutes during which Light promotes our spiritual growth and allows peace, love and joy to grow in us and, through each of us, in all participants.

The story behind Unbounded reiki

I had two NDE’s (near death experiences). During my first NDE, I crossed the tunnel, saw this famous extremely intense Light that doesn’t hurt the eyes, heard the angels sing, merged with Light, delighted in this unbounded ocean of Pure Consciousness, Peace, Love, Bliss and Knowingness for a while then met Jesus, Mother Mary and archangel Michael. Jesus gave a spiritual teaching then archangel Michael encouraged me to work with spiritual energy / Light. I did so in private for a few years.

I then had a second NDE during which I was connected to archangel Gabriel, the angel of spiritual growth / vibrations raising, was baptized “Vid” and was nudged to go public.

I taught Usui reiki for some time but I didn’t feel comfortable with the way it was taught: the certificates, that most students wanted, the hands positions, the symbols, the attunement rituals and even the attunements themselves which are divided into degrees and felt so artificial to me.

After teaching for a few years, I learnt that Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki, did not issue certificates, he didn’t use or teach hands positions or symbols, he did not divide reiki into degrees and he did not use any attunement rituals. Mikao Usui hence taught reiki in the same way that I felt was right!

I therefore closed my website and, for some time, only kept a few off the radar students who were receiving unconventional teachings then, in 2021, I created the unboundedreiki.com webpage to present a way to work with spiritual energy without the limitations that most energy healing systems, including Usui reiki as it is taught nowadays, bear.

What is Unbounded reiki

Unbounded reiki is a way to silently channel spiritual energy without any theoretical limitation and in the intent of raising one’s vibrations and letting peace, love and joy grow.

  • there are no hand positions, no rituals, no degrees… and of course, no certificates. Only your hands will tell how powerful you are at silently channeling spiritual energy

  • I do not teach symbols (graphic representations of Light frequencies) for three reasons:

    • there are too many symbols to remember and also too many to chose from while doing a session.

    • each student will receive the symbols they need; some of you will hence probably receive symbols I wasn’t given (you don’t need to see the symbols to receive the corresponding frequencies; they simply become available when you give sessions)

    • symbols are not necessary anyway: Light knows what it has to do in or through the practitioner so there is no need to try to control anything. Remember Mikao Usui didn’t teach symbols either plus there are no symbols in modern Usui reiki level one and yet it works just fine. Now if you are shown a symbol and you feel drawn to using it, it is probably because you have a particular need for that Light frequency at a certain time; use it until you lose interest; things are simple as that!

  • because there are no degrees, including no master’s degree in Unbounded reiki, each student grows at their own pace. This is both smoother and gives potential for much more power than modern Usui reiki

  • since Unbounded reiki taps into Light which is an infinite ocean of pure energy with infinite vibrational potential, Unbounded reiki has no theoretical vibrational limit and students will receive as many attunements as they can take — I am very serious here, I stopped counting how many attunements I received after 300. As a consequence, there is no master’s degree. Only Light gives unbounded reiki attunements whereas I, as sole teacher, merely answer questions.
    Now, the number of attunements someone has received doesn’t account for their spiritual accomplishment or their power as a practitioner since there are other ways of raising one’s vibrations and since when a person passes, they are reborn at the level they were at which means that some people, most often young ones, are very advanced without having a spiritual practice and sometimes without even showing any interest in spirituality. This causes turmoil when their parents fail to acknowledge their wisdom and try to enforce their own narrower point of views on them.

About spiritual growth

Spiritual growth is not about receiving more peace, love and bliss, it is about being rid of the tensions that throughout the bodies — physical and subtle — veil the peace, love and bliss which are already there. This is what it really means that God created us in their image and in their resemblance: peace, love and bliss are our core nature.

As desirable and auspicious as the unstressing (stress releasing) process is, we may at time face dark aspects of ourselves which we weren’t aware of and this can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you become overly emotional or tired, simply stop practicing for a while and take some time to read, watch a movie, exercise, be in nature, have fun with friends, whatever you feel drawn to, and then resume practicing or attending the sharings of Light when you feel ready for the next step of your evolution.

It is also important to understand that, as opposed to what so many spiritual seekers think, spiritual awakening is not the end of suffering; it is the end of identification with suffering. After a phase of unconditional peace and sense of deep inner freedom and bliss, more emotions and more conditioning will surface to be dealt with. Phases of inner peace and heart expansion will therefore alternate with occasional unstressing processes which, for people who have a strong conditioning, usually linked with trauma, may be uncomfortable at times but which will allow for a deeper inner contact with Peace, Love and Bliss.

Long distance private sessions

It is my joy to offer long distance time deferred private sessions to anyone who has received an attunement to unbounded reiki and who requests sessions in a unique and simple way that allows to receive spiritual energy at a chosen time without the hassle of making an appointment:

  • if you have been attuned to Unbounded reiki, just send me some distant Light / spiritual energy. For this, you can lay hands on a proxy teddy bear or pillow with the intent that I receive the energy flowing through your hands; if you haven’t been attuned, keep joining the Sharings of Light until you receive an attunement: you will then be able to request long distance time deferred private sessions; if I am asleep at the time you send me energy, it will be delayed so I can feel it when I am awake.

  • within a couple of days, I will respond by doing a long distance session for you but it won’t be a live session: I will hand the energy to your spirit guide

  • a couple days after sending me spiritual energy — and within a week — you can request your session from your spirit guide at the time which suits you best: just make sure you won’t be disturbed for a while, lie down or sit comfortably with eyes closed and tell your spirit guide you’d like to receive the session I did for you. Sometimes your spirit guide might pop in with the energy when you are resting even though you didn’t request it. According to your needs, your session can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

You can request as many long distance time deferred private sessions as you like. The more advanced you are, the more sessions you will be able to take in. If you don’t manage to send me any spiritual energy, if you feel it doesn’t flow although it does flow when you lay hands on yourself, it simply means you are not supposed to receive another session yet; all you have to do is wait for a few days and try again; after a while you will find the pace that is ideal for you; for some people, it could be a long session every month; for others, it could be a shorter session every week. Light knows what’s best for you and will arrange things for your higher good.

Looking forward to sharing Light / spiritual energy with you,

Any information you share with me will remain confidential, including your email address.
After receiving fake requests, I don’t offer sessions upon request by email anymore.

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